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Food Pictures From Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding Have Been Released And I Have So Many Questions

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We are all used to wedding food. We get the invite, and we have to check the little box beside the Chicken or the Steak.

It’s a pretty standard drill.

But, there is NOTHING standard when it comes to the weddings of mega stars. The wedding is huge, the after party is huge, and you kinda expect the food to be — well — huge.

That wasn’t so much the case when it came to the wedding of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The clothes were GORGEOUS. I’m sure the ceremony was lovely. And, I’m betting the reception was next-level.

BUT, it was the food that has everyone talking.

Pictures of their food showed up online, and I have a few questions.

Kravis had a yummy pasta bar — but it is the SIZE of the pasta on that bar that is causing people to do a double take.

The server twirls an itty-bitty pile of pasta on a fork, puts it in the middle of a plate, and tops it with a few drops of sauce.

Fans of the pair are having the funniest reactions! And of course, people are taking their opinions to Twitter for all the social media world to see.

Now, in defense of the teensy-weensy pasta portion, Kravis had more than just pasta at the wedding.

According to Delish, apparently Kylie Jenner posted more pictures of the food on her Instagram Stories.

The reception appears to be a traditional Italian meal, which often involves multiple courses and LOTS of tasty food. We just haven’t gotten to see the entire spread.

Dude, they had a cannoli bar! Probably the reason I wasn’t invited. Things could have gotten dicey with me around all that whipped cream and chocolate. LOL!!

Congratulations to the happy couple!! It looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL day — even with the petite pasta.

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