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Starbucks Is Releasing New Dark Bling Studded Cups Just In Time For Halloween

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It’s always a super happy moment to find out that Starbucks is about to release new cups. It’s even more exciting when you get a sneak peek!!! And we have got that for you today!


The coveted studded cups that fly off the shelves are coming back, this time in a beautiful Dark Bling Style!!! Seriously, this cup in the light becomes magical!


At first glance, this cup is just another black studded cup (not to be confused with the Black Matte Studded Cup!)


But this new dark bling cup has iridescent notes to it, making it shine rainbow colors in the light! How cool is that?

Siren Saviors

The official launch date for this cup is August 25th, but with most cup launches, a lot of stores (especially retail stores such as Target) tend to release these early so keep your eyes peeled for them!


These are so perfectly in time for the Fall/Halloween season and will be rolling out at the same time as the pumpkin spice launch so I am double excited!!!


It is safe to say that these cups won’t last on any shelf so if your heart is set on getting one of these, get your running shoes on and get ready for the cup fight of your life!!!


It is also being said that this cup is going to be released in both a Grade and Venti side, which I believe is a first!


So much is in store for Starbucks this month that I truly can’t wait! What are you most excited for? The cups? Pumpkin Spice? Salted Caramel Mocha? Comment below and let us know!


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