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People Are Throwing Puppy Baby Showers For Their New Furry Family Member and We Are Here For It

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Yes, we knoooow, having a pet is NOT the same as having a kid. Believe me, I have both.

But I think Puppy Showers are the coolest thing ever. Whether you have a brand new puppy or have adopted an older pup, it calls for a celebration!

Puppy Showers are a new trend now where you get to reveal your new pet to all of your friends. Just like a baby shower, you invite your friends, have a party, and celebrate the new life in your life!

You can also reveal their gender, play games, and have people bring gifts, just like a regular baby shower! And the cakes and cookies that are made for these are just SO adorable!

Some may find this silly or pointless, but I love it. My dog has been with me for 12 years and is a part of our family. So why not celebrate it?

My dog is one of the most important things in my life, so why wouldn’t I want her to be celebrated? If only I knew this was a thing back then!

I personally love the idea and plan to do this for our next pet. What are your thoughts?

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