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Boozy Drinks Have Come To Disneyland For Halloween And I’m On My Way!

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Disney is known for its over-the-top Halloween festivities. People flock to Disneyland every year for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you haven’t been to the park when it is decked out for Halloween, you are seriously missing out!


You came to hear about the booze. I’m getting there.


During this black magical time of year, Disneyland transforms into a Halloween town. Boasting special shows, spooky attractions, and villainous parades you can only see them if you go during this haunting event! And, of course, it’s Disney … so it’s Not So Scary, and Simply Magical!


Each season, Disney is known for it’s decadent, outrageous food and drinks. From the customized candy apples, to the specialty drinks (both boozy and kid friendly), to fudge that’s almost too pretty to eat, Disney knows how to do it right!



For Specialty Drinks You Can Make At Home, Try This Booger Beer Cocktail Or This ZombiTini.

This year, the Disneyland Resort chefs did not disappoint! Alcohol is only served at Downtown Disney and the California Adventure Park in the Disneyland Resort, but getting these special drinks alone is worth the visit!!


Not only do they serve specialty beers on tap, you can also find yummy, boozy concoctions like this “Poison Apple-Tini (Apple whiskey, apple pucker schnapps and cranberry juice)” and this “Spiked Hard Apple Float (Hard apple cider and apple sorbet drizzled with caramel sauce).” (See the official Disney Parks Blog for more.)

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

Yes, please!!

The special food and drinks are served in different sections all over the resort, so walk around and see what you can find!!


You can go to the official Disney Parks Blog for a complete list of all the gorgeous special food and yummy drinks throughout the resort.

Happy Not So Scary Halloween!!

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