Ryan Gosling Just Sang ‘I’m Just Ken’ at The Oscars and It Was Everything

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I love Ryan Gosling. I have ever since The Notebook was released.

And then came Barbie and it made me love him even more. He’s so funny!

His song from Barbie titled ‘I’m Just Ken’ was a song that was an instant hit and was probably stuck in your head for weeks.

There were so many memes made after that song released because people truly loved it.


And if you didn’t know, Ryan Gosling actually sang that song and tonight was literal proof because he performed that song live at The Oscars.

First off, Ryan Gosling can SING. He has a great voice.

Secondly, he looked great performing, didn’t he?

And then they actually had SLASH play the guitar during his performance… what?!

If you missed it, you need to go find a video online and watch it. It was totally awesome and something to remember from The Oscars.

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