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Madonna Publicly Called Out a Disabled Fan for Sitting Down at Her Concert

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Whoa, Madonna has fired up the internet, especially the disabled community!

During a recent concert in Los Angeles as part of her “Celebration Tour”, Madonna vocally called out a fan who was sitting instead of standing at her show.

Image credit: news_of_madonna

It was after she called out the fan that she realized the person was in a wheelchair.

Image credit: Vision4theBlind

Then she basically shrugged it off with a “sorry about that” after publicly drawing attention to the disabled fan.

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What are you doing sitting down over there? What are you getting sitting down?

Madonna asked
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Madonna walked closer to that side of the stage and that’s when she saw the wheelchair and simply said…

Oh, OK. Politically incorrect. Sorry about that. I’m glad you are here.

Madonna said

A little bit about me, can I walk? Sure, but did you know that most wheelchair users are ambulatory? Wheelchairs are mobility aids, but they are not the only ones.

Image credit: Paul A. Szypula

I’m a part-time wheelchair user, sometimes I use a walker, sometimes I use a cane, and always a service dog who is trained in mobility and medical alert tasks.

Image credit: Unschool the Dog

I occasionally like to go out to events, but there is no way that I am going to subject myself to more pain and exhaustion by standing when I do not need to.

Image credit: Kathleen Winchell

The anxiety of being out like that while struggling is huge enough with out someone calling attention to you.

Shoot, even if the person was sitting in a chair, no one knows what this person is experiencing. Calling them out like that wasn’t necessary at all.

Image Credit: Diana

Some people said that isn’t an apology, meanwhile, I’m just wondering why it was necessary to say anything at all…

Image credit: Pismo

People pay money to attend these events because they are fans. They do not pay the money to be publicly called out in an attempt to embarrass or shame.

Madonna is 65 years old, so there’s a huge chance that she will have mobility issues soon… especially if she keeps falling off the stage.

Image credit: David Jennison

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