What Happened To Kate Middleton? Here’s Everything We Know

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If you’ve spent any time online lately you’ve probably seen a lot of talk about Kate Middleton, the Princess of Whales.

People all over the globe have genuine concern over what has happened to her and why she hasn’t been seen in public since abdominal surgery in January.

It all started when the Princess of Wales ended up having surgery (which we don’t know what it was for) and wasn’t seen publicly since.

People began saying things like she was dead, she was recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift, she was divorcing the Prince of Whales, and the rumors went on and on.

With all of the speculation and rumors as to why she had disappeared from the public eye, the royal family decided to release a photo of Catherine, Princess of Wales, and her three children in celebration of Mother’s Day in Britain.

But that photo did not seem to go over well…


In the picture above, people noticed several small details that made people question the entire photo.

If you look closely, her daughter’s hair is edited weird, the placement of Kate’s hand on her daughter’s shirt is off, Kate’s zipper doesn’t line up near the top, and a few more errors.

In fact, so many believed the photo was made using AI and it wasn’t an actual photo of Kate and her children at all.

While the photo seems to be real, there is evidence that the photo was tampered in Photoshop.

So much evidence in fact, AP (the website that releases all these photos) issued a “photo kill” order stating that:

“The Associated Press and several other news organizations because the image appeared to have been manipulated.”

And now, the same image on Instagram now has a photo disclaimer on the bottom that looks like this:


And of course, Charles or at least The Prince and Princess of Whales X (formerly Twitter) account, posted admitting to the photoshopped photo saying:

Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C

The Prince and Princess of Whales X Account
The Prince and Princess of Whales X Account

It was signed “C” as-in Prince Charles? So, he is admitting to editing the photo.

Again, this is all so strange because like why, why edit the photo?

Especially when so many want to know that Kate is okay, how could the Palace have thought an edited photo of her was the best way to do that?

This entire situation is weird and we truly hope that Kate Middleton is okay!

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