Skeletor Is Struttin’ His Stuff, And He Is FABULOUS!

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Money Super Market is brilliant. At least, they came up with a brilliant ad campaign that included Skeletor and who can argue with that level of magnificent? The original ad uses the 1980’s song FAME to show Skeletor struttin’ his stuff after saving with them, but the guy who created this video had something different in mind altogether. And. It. Is. FABULOUS! Seriously, it’s like the happiest you’re ever going to see Skeletor and you just know he is livin’ his life for HIM! Take a look!

I can not stop watching this. I don’t think there’s a better video that has ever been created and if you disagree with me, I totally accept your right to be completely freakin’ out of your gourd. Because, seriously, this is the mother flippin’ best. Thanks for the remix, man, you are BOSS!

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