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Jason Momoa is Way Funnier Than I Could Have Ever Imagined in His New Netflix Movie

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Netflix has just dropped a new movie — a Netflix original — and as seems to be the way with MOST Netflix originals, it is SO good!!


Slumberland dropped just in time for Thanksgiving, and it is currently among the top 10 Netflix movies to watch on their streaming platform.

Now, I hadn’t heard anything about Slumberland, until my mom messaged me. She said that I simply HAD to watch the flick.

She just had to say 2 little words, and I was running to my smartTV with remote and popcorn in hand.

Those 2 words? Jason Momoa.

I knew literally NOTHING else about the movie.

I watched Slumberland for about 40 minutes thinking, “What the heck am I watching?”

But can I also just say, Jason Momoa is WAY funnier than I could have ever imagined…

It’s pretty important to know the gist of the film, so I got you.

What Is Slumberland About?

Slumberland is about a girl named Nemo. She lives in a lighthouse on the edge of the sea with her father.


That is until he is lost at sea.

After her father dies, Nemo moves in with her uncle, whom she has never met.


As you can imagine, Nemo is grief stricken and a bit lost in a new city without her dad.

Her only reprieve comes when she finds a map to the dream world.


She makes her way through dreamland in search of a way to find her father.

Pretty early on, she meets a dream outlaw named Flip (Jason Momoa). The two work together — with the help of Nemo’s plush pig — to try to find a magical pearl that will grant their dream wishes.


You will laugh really hard.

But then, you are going to want to grab your Kleenex, because I had big alligator tears rolling down my cheeks by the end.


I definitely recommend Slumberland as part of your next Netflix binge — which you KNOW will be sometime today.


It’s rated PG, so it’s pretty safe to watch with the fam. My kids loved it!


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