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This Cooling Rack Hack is Pure Genius For Storing All Those Holiday Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, naturally there are leftovers.

Whether that features a few slices of pumpkin pie, corn or mashed potatoes, if you find that your fridge is more stuffed than what the Thanksgiving table looked like, here’s how you can make more room!

And all you need to make more storage in the fridge are cooling racks!

Courtesy of @deniseinmn

This cooling rack hack is pure genius if you happen to have a few spares lying around the house.

While filling your fridge with Thanksgiving leftovers and realizing there’s no more room to stuff your food on the bottom or top shelves, here’s how cooling racks can instantly create more room in the fridge!

Courtesy of @deniseinmn

Simply place your cooling racks on top of your dinner leftovers to create a sturdy “shelf” to stack another sealed container filled with food!

And the more racks you have, the more you can stack to create more storage for your leftovers in the fridge.

Courtesy of @deniseinmn

So go ahead, fill your fridge to the max.

This is a genius hack for any holiday leftovers or any time you need to store leftovers from a party!

Courtesy of @deniseinmn