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Bob Barker Has Died

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I have some sad news to share today…

Bob Barker, the original and longtime host of The Price is Right, has died. He was 99 years old.

Bob Barker was certainly apart of your childhood if you were born sometime in the 80s or 90s. He was the person you’d watch with your grandma while you stayed home sick.

He was the host for 35 years until his retirement in 2007.

According to reports from this morning, Bob Barker died of natural causes in his longtime Hollywood Hills home this week.

Roger Neal Bob’s longtime publicist made the announcement on Saturday on behalf of Bob’s girlfriend, Nancy Burnet.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce that the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived, Bob Barker, has left us,”

Roger Neal Statement

“I am so proud of the trailblazing work Barker, and I did together to expose the cruelty to animals in the entertainment industry and including working to improve the plight of abused and exploited animals in the United States and internationally,”

“We were great friends over these 40 yrs. He will be missed.”

Nancy Burnet

CBS also made a statement saying:

“We lost a beloved member of the CBS family today with the passing of Bob Barker. During his 35 years as host of THE PRICE IS RIGHT, Bob made countless people’s dreams come true and everyone feel like a winner when they were called to ‘come on down.’ In addition to his legendary 50-year career in broadcasting, Bob will be remembered as a dedicated animal rights activist. Daytime television has lost one of its most iconic stars.”


He was apart of our childhoods and brought joy to so many. He will be missed!


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