It’s So Hot Outside, Even The Corn Is Sweating

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It’s so hot outside, fields of corn are sweating and making the temps even worse.

I didn’t even know corn could sweat, but here we are.

You learn something new every day.

There is currently a hellacious heat dome over the midwest that’s causing triple digit temps.

I’m sure you are already well aware of the wicked scorching temps, but you probably didn’t know the heat can actually make corn sweat.

Check it out.

Does Corn Sweat?

Yes. Corn does sweat.

It’s a phenomenon that is known to corn farmers in the midwest, and while it’s pretty cool, it can turn a hot day into next level hell.

How Does Corn Sweat?

Water is pulled up from the ground through the corn stalk.

When it gets too hot outside, the leaves of the corn release some of this water to cool the plant down.

What Happens When Corn Sweats?

While it seems like it might be a good idea for the corn, itself, this crazy phenomenon is actually kind of bad for the rest of the population.

This Corn Sweat is released into the air, and it raises the humidity.

Now, the humidity is what causes a hot day to turn into a scorcher.

Humidity can raise the heat index, making a 90º day feel like a 97º day in a second.

According to CNN, “one acre of corn can sweat 4,000 gallons of water per day.”

To put that into perspective, that’s enough Corn Sweat to fill your swimming pool with water in about a week.

And, all that excess water is getting released into the air, where it makes temps almost unbearable.

I guess the moral of this story is: If you don’t like heat, stay out of the midwest during the late summer months. It’s going to be HOT.

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