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‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Is Officially Happening. Here’s Everything We Know.

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It took Disney almost 30 years to re-conjure the characters of the Sanderson Sisters, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from the three witches, it is that they’re never really gone.

So gather around the television sisters and move away from the cauldron because the spell-binding tale of Hocus Pocus has not yet finished.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, president Sean Bailey of Walt Disney Pictures has officially confirmed what we’ve all been waiting to hear since Hocus Pocus 2.

You may want to sit down for this, because a third Hocus Pocus film has officially been confirmed!

“Yes, Hocus Pocus 3 is happening,” said Sean Bailey to The New York Times.

Sean Bailey
Courtesy of @theartofcostumepod

Now if you’re wondering if the three Sanderson Sisters played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker will return again for the third film, we have the same question.

Considering Hocus Pocus 2 ended with the three sisters vanquishing into thin air, we’re curious to see if the Sanderson Sisters have a spell or two up their sleeve to be brought back to the city of Salem.

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Will Becca, Izzy, and Cassie be the new Sanderson Sister trio or will the Sanderson Sisters have a part in their story too?

As for the rest of the cast and the release date, those are currently unknown details, but we’re just thankful to know that there will definitely be a third movie!

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Here’s hoping we hear more news soon.

Courtesy of @matthewchadd1987

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