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Disney Just Released The Official Trailer For ‘Hamilton’ Coming to Disney+

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Grab your favorite marking pen and your planner. Grab your smartphone, and open up your Calendar app. You’re going to want to remember this date.

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Hamilton, the musical turned movie release, is coming straight to Disney+ on July 3rd, just in time for Independence Day! *Squee*


It is forgoing it’s theatrical release — you know, since all the theaters are still closed for the time being.

I know SO many people who have been waiting for this production to be released! I just heard them all SING for joy (Get it — SING for joy?!?)


This is QUITE a big deal, since Broadway is currently closed up tight. Not to mention, when it IS open, tickets to Hamilton sell out months in advance.


For many, the only way to see Hamilton any time soon is on the Disney+ streaming service. They are here to please!

In case you aren’t in the Broadway know, Hamilton is the über successful musical hip-hop adaptation of the life of Alexander Hamilton, the very first Secretary of the Treasury.


I know, it sound weird to have a musical based on Alexander Hamilton, but trust me, it is SO good!! This play has won over 10 Tony Awards, and is one of the most — if not THE most — popular shows on the Broadway circuit.


This Disney+ version will star Lin-Manuel (He is the writer of the show, and he is in the original production), and will be done in the style of a Broadway show. So, it isn’t filmed like a movie, per say, with different locations, lighting, and other cinematic features.


Hamilton, the movie, has been filmed exactly like you are watching it on a stage — so you really get the full Broadway experience.

Courtesy of YouTube

COME ON, July 3rd! I’ve got my singing voice all prepped and ready to belt out a tune or two with the cast of Hamilton.

Courtesy of YouTube

Watch the preview for the Hamilton movie below.

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