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‘Cobra Kai’ Is Officially Moving To Netflix For Season 3 And I Can’t Wait

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“Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy, Sir!” — Cobra Kai Dojo

Courtesy of YouTube

It’s finally happened. The dramedy that is Cobra Kai — the series based on the aftermath of The Karate Kid movies — is moving to Netflix for its third season!


Cobra Kai has been a YouTube original for two seasons, and I’ll admit, I forget it’s there. I was so excited about watching the series that follows The Karate Kid, one of the BEST movies EVER — but I always gravitate towards other streaming service, namely Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.


The Cobra Kai show premise: It is now 30 years after the events of the 1984 karate tournament, where Daniel defeated Johnny in the final round of the pinnacle match.

Johnny hasn’t handled life well. He lives in a rundown apartment complex, and is handyman of sorts, who really doesn’t like his current place in life.


Daniel is a successful car dealer, who continues to get his face on billboards around Encino — the city in which the two never left. BUT — old rivalries never die.


Since YouTube has gotten out of the scripted show game, Netflix has now picked up the show, that has been officially announced for a third season. What was once a YouTube original, is now going to be a Netflix original — AND I CAN’T WAIT!!


Netflix will produce the third installment, of which the release date will be announced at a later date. But, for now, seasons 1 and 2 will be moved to the Netflix streaming service sometime later this year.


The appeal of The Karate Kid saga is timeless, and Cobra Kai picks up right where it left off without missing a beat. The rivalry between Daniel and Johnny is one for the ages, and the show has a ton of heart and is a lot of fun. We can’t wait to introduce a new generation of fans to Cobra Kai and are thrilled to be its new home around the world.

Brian Wright, VP of Netflix Original Series

I know I will FINALLY be watching when Cobra Kai moves to Netflix. Will you be continuing the saga with Daniel, Johnny, and a whole new generation of karate kids?


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