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15 Things To Watch On Hulu Right Now

I am as obsessed with the Hulu streaming service as I am with both Netflix and Disney+.

There are so many good programs, movies, and shows on Hulu, and they often get overlooked for the big names of the other streaming services.

Well, I am here to bring you back to Hulu. They have so many shows and movies you should watch right now!

15 Things you should watch on Hulu right now!

1) The Handmaid’s Tale — Because it’s freaking awesome

2) Abominable — Because it’s a super cute family movie

3) Parasite — Because it just won on Academy Award

4) 73 Questions — Because I am obsessed with pop culture

5) I Draw, You Cook — Because kids creating food cracks me up

6) Parenthood — Because it’s SO good, and you can binge watch the whole series

7) Harlots — Because parents need something to watch AFTER the kids go to bed

8) Ellen’s Game of Games — Because we all need a good laugh

9) Romancing The Stone — Because it’s an AWESOME classic

10) The Goldbergs — Because I accidentally started watching this show, and it’s hilarious — and it’s based on actual homemovies. Ha!

11) Golden Girls — Because Betty White

12) Say Anything — Because it’s freaking Say Anything

13) This Is Us — Because everybody is obsessed

14) Killing Eve — Because you should just watch it

15) Big Little Lies — Because you have to find out what happens