Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Starbucks Summer Cup Launch

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We are always anxiously waiting for Starbucks next cup launch. They super pretty or creative cups usually go flying off the shelves within minutes.

We have gotten word that the next cup launch will be on May 21st.

It was originally supposed to launch at the end of this month but due to COVID-19, it has been pushed back for everyone’s safety.

We’re still scouring the internet for more news and photos of this launch, but we have seen that they will have a pride themed studded cup that has me all giddy inside!


It is SO pretty! I will definitely be lining up to get one of these! There will also be other pride themed items available which you can kind of see from this picture.


There’s even going to be color changing reusable cups again!!!!! And a color changing confetti cup! I am so stoked.


There’s even going to be a unicorn cake pop! I am officially in love with this launch. I want at least one of everything!


This is the best we are able to see of some of the other launching summer items, but it’s safe to say this is a launch you’ll want to be ready for. If the stores are still drive-thru only, you can ask about the merchandise through the drive-thru!


We are so excited about this launch. But as usual, please be kind and courteous to your baristas and understand that they have no control over the amount of cups they have available.


We also have news that the S’mores Frappuccino will be coming back. But if you can’t make it to your store, be sure to check out out DIY recipe for it!


There will also be a new Guava Passionfruit Drink that I am ridiculously excited for! Those two flavors together sounds phenomenal.

We are so excited about this launch and these new cups! I’m probably more excited about the confetti color changing cups. Which one are you looking forward to? Comment below!


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