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Ulta Released An Entire Harry Potter Collection, Accio It All To Me!

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Harry Potter fans, Ulta has released a whole Harry Potter makeup collection and it is amazing! You’re going to want to collect it all! It might involve some conjuring because some of it is already selling out!

They have an eye shadow pallet that represents each house! Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin!

Each pallet has amazing packaging that perfectly matches the houses.


The colors are absolutely beautiful! Here is an inside look at each pallet, which colors are you drawn to the most? For me, the colors of the Slytherin pallet are calling my name!


You can see the colors better in the photos below, she did swatches of them on her arm so you can see just how vibrant they are! I’m still digging Slytherin! Each pallet is only $16!


See, Slytherin for the win! Those colors are just amazing! So much pigment and pop! If only I was that skilled at makeup application!


You can’t put on magical makeup without magical makeup brushes, right? Check these out! This is a set of Deathly Hallows makeup brushes! They are so mesmerizing to look at! You can get the set for only $25!


The Harry Potter X Ulta Beauty Lip Gloss is available in four different colors. Hedwig is a clear gloss with a silver shimmer, Howler is a medium mauve pink, Platform 9 3/4 is a peach beige shimmer, and Spectrespecs is a light pink shimmer. Each one sells for only $10!


The Harry Potter makeup collection from Ulta has other things as well! There are 4 different makeup bags, each representing one of the houses. They have nail polish strips, body lotion, bath bombs, scrunchies, lip balm, lip crayons, and more! You must go check it out!


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