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There Is A Snapchat Filter That Turns Your Dog Into A Disney Cartoon Character and It’s The Cutest Thing

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OMG!! Just go ahead and file this under most adorable thing you will see today!!

Y’all know I love Disney, especially Disney animals: Pluto, Pascal, Simba, Dory, Tuck, Abu, and Bruni — just to name a few.


I also love Snapchat filters, because they are both funny and adorable!!

There is a Snapchat filter called “Cartoon Face” that will turn your furry friend into a Disney animal, and, GAH!!, I’m dying from all the cuteness!!

Courtesy of Ryan Haden on Facebook

Okay, so it doesn’t specifically say that it is a Disney filter, but COME ON!! There is no mistaking those animals!!

Courtesy of Emily Umpleby on Facebook

Those huge doe eyes, and those expressive eyebrows, y’all! I simply love it!!

Courtesy of Jakoba German on Facebook

Check some of these out!!

Courtesy of Lisa March on Facebook
Courtesy of Nichola Sugden on Facebook
Courtesy of Nichola Sugden on Facebook

Y’all!! I simply can’t take the amount of sweetness!! Which one is your favorite??

Courtesy of Emily Umpleby on Facebook
Courtesy of Cat Retzer on Facebook
Courtesy of  Vanessa Laura on Facebook

Have you used this filter on your fur baby?? We MUST see the pictures!! I need that kind of positivity in my life!!

Courtesy of  Nova Raquel Ellis on Facebook
Courtesy of Callie Parker White on Facebook

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