How Snapchat is Giving Your Teens Lice

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No matter how you slice it, lice is one of those things that people still think of as dirty. And even when we were kids, lice was most common among kids in grade school. So I was crazy shocked when I found out that TEENS ARE GETTING LICE FROM EACH OTHER NOW.

And I know what you’re thinking– you’re thinking that it’s because they share brushes, have sleepovers, or wear each other’s helmets. But GUESS WHAT?!?! NOPE. The reason more and more teens are getting lice is because of their smartphones.

Here’s what you need to know, lice can’t fly, and they can’t survive for hardly any time without an actual human head to land on. And what does that mean? It means that THE best way for someone to get lice is for them to touch heads. And now that teens are touching heads ALL THE TIME, they are passing lice around like candy.

Why are more teens touching heads?


Okay, like seriously. I freak

ed out when I heard this from a school nurse. She told me that more and more teens and tweens are getting lice because they are pushing their heads together to watch videos on YouTube on their cell phone, because they are squishing their heads together to make the filters work on Snapchat, and because they are constantly taking selfies.

It takes lice seconds to jump from one head to another, those same seconds that it takes to snap a selfie, to wait for Snapchat to find your faces, to lean in and watch a cat video! And now that lice are basically super lice that can not be stopped, this is a BIG DEAL. So tell your kids to pull those heads apart!

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  1. This article, although good is not entirely correct. It states that it takes seconds for lice to “jump” from one head to another. As a head lice removal specialist I am constantly having to dispel this myth. Lice do not jump! They crawl. It also states that super lice cannot be stopped which is not true at all.  Super lice are merely lice that have become resistant to over the counter pesticide treatments, but the good news is that they are not invincible. In my profession I encounter super lice frequently and successfully eradicate them.

    There is so much conflicting and misinformation all over the net. Parents end up frustrated and confused not knowing what to do to get rid of these unwelcome pest. We need to be diligent to make sure the information we spread is correct and accurate because you can bet somebodys sanity is depending on it.

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