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This Bleeding Skull Candle Is Just The Spooky Thing You Need This Halloween Season

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This is wicked cool …

Candles are definitely my jam. They are pretty much my love language.

But, especially at Halloween, they set that perfect spooky ambience that only comes once a year.

You totally have to see these fun Bleeding Skull Halloween Candles.


Why are they called Bleeding Skull Candles, you ask?

Well, check it out …


These candles are shaped like a skull, which is fun all on its own.

But, there is also a snake wrapped in and around the skull — SUPER creepy!

When you light this snake and skull, it starts to melt down, and the inside of the skull appears to be bleeding.


There’s a red wax in the middle that starts to “bleed” out around the other wax. It looks so amazing!!

Not only are these Bleeding Skull Halloween Candles available in 7 different colors (Black, Green, Blue, Purple, Gray, Beige/Tan, and Teal), but they are also scented.


You can choose to have your house smell like Vanilla Buttercream, Mahogany and Teakwood, Pomegranate Cider, Sea Salt Orchid or Sandalwood and Suede.

I want to try the Mahogany and Teakwood!


These candles are just $16, and you might want to get several!

To get your own Bleeding Skull Halloween Candles, just head on over to the WindTherapyCandles shop on Etsy.


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