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You Can Now Just Get A Bag Of All Lucky Charms Marshmallows and My Life Is Now Complete

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Does anyone else just pick out the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal?

Lucky Charms is the cereal of choice with my kids! They HAVE to have their bowls of Lucky Charms EVERY morning, or the day just isn’t going to go right.

Courtesy of LuckyCharms.com

Of course, they pick out all the marshmallows, and eat them first, because the marshmallows are the best part, AMIRITE?!?


Lucky the Leprechaun has heard our cry, and you can now get 6 oz pouches of Just the Marshmallows at your local grocery store for $3.99 (prices may vary from store to store).

Courtesy of Lucky Charms

Does anyone else think this is a DANGEROUS idea? I mean, I can have a 6 oz bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows gobbled up in like 10 minutes. Ha!

There are going to be ALL eight of the classic Lucky Charms shapes included in this pouch: pink hearts, yellow stars, purple horseshoes, green clovers, blue moons, unicorns, rainbows, and red balloons.

Courtesy of LuckyCharms.com

Do you have a favorite?? I like taking it old school with the green clovers, pink hearts, and orange stars marshmallows — and I firmly believe the moons should be yellow, but that’s just the 1980s baby coming out in me.

Did you hear that earlier this year, Lucky Charms Cereal unexpectedly started to lose their magic? Gasp!!

Thanks to a little help from fans, the magic has been restored!!!


To thank our fans for helping us restore this magic, we’re celebrating the launch of the Just Magical Marshmallows with a spectacle that embodies the magic of Lucky Charms.

Mindy Murray, senior brand experience manager for Lucky Charms

People in L.A. and NY are going to be treated to a special show of magic on August 31st and September 1st, respectively. Be watching for more details, because we have NO idea what they have up their magical sleeves.


BUT, we all get to partake in the magic that is the pouch of Just the Marshmallows, and I’m just fine with that!! YUM!

Courtesy of Lucky Charms

Now, it is important to note that these Just the Marshmallow pouches are only going to be here for a limited time. *Sad Face*

For the first time ever, marshmallow lovers will be able to get their hands on a pouch of Just Magical Marshmallows — which will be available for purchase in select stores around the country, but only for a limited time.


You know what that means!! If you find them, you better stock up!! Don’t hoard them like toilet paper; save some for the masses, but get yourself a few bags!

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