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This Snow Globe Is The Perfect Way To Award Yourself For Surviving The Great Toilet Paper Shortage Of 2020

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Let’s face it…2020 has been ROUGH. From social distancing, to many falling ill, to having to wear face masks everywhere, we probably all deserve an award for getting through it. But one of the biggest feats? The toilet paper shortage. And I, for one, think I need an award for surviving that!

I was actually sick when all of this went down, with a stomach virus of all things. So I reeeeeaaaallly needed toilet paper. Like, my ailment demanded it. And my poor husband had to search all over kingdom come to find me some dang toilet paper, because everyone else in town was hoarding it.


It’s not exactly one of my finest moments, but I needed to paint the picture as to why I think I deserve an award for this. And so does Amazon.

You can now buy a Toilet Paper Snow Globe to show off your survival of 2020…even though we aren’t quite safe yet from this year. (have you heard about the genetically modified mosquitoes coming our way?)


I burst out laughing as soon as I saw that such an item existed. And now I HAVE to have it. In fact, I want to buy one for everyone I know. Such a novelty gift is a necessity during this time.

Gotta laugh to keep from crying, am I right? And for $15.99, I say it’s well worth it. But I will let you be the judge of that.


This would be awesome as a gift for a friend, or as something to cherish and one day show off to your children as you stare off into the abyss, telling them the stories of your 2020 hardships.

And of course, if all else fails, break the glass in case of emergency and you got yourself a tiny roll off toilet paper! I’m sure nothing could go wrong with that!


I can’t think of a reason NOT to buy this. The only reason you wouldn’t need one of these, is if you didn’t survive the toilet paper shortage. And if that is the case, I would REALLY like to hear the story behind that! But for most people, I’m sure this would be the perfect award for such as season as this.

You can grab this Snow Globe on amazon here for $15.99.


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