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Rainbow Succulents Exist And I Want Them All

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It looks like someone tie dyed the leaves from these rainbow succulents as a DIY project, because they are seriously gorgeous!

Courtesy of RareSucculents

Each leaf shows a different mixture of colors, and can you just imagine these rainbow succulents paired together with the colorful succulent Lithops?

Your succulent garden will include every color of the rainbow!


This type of succulent first blooms green and then turns pink. Two colors I never thought would pair so well together in one plant.


You can currently buy these colorful succulents off of Etsy, who knew! More specifically, RareSucculents is currently selling each rainbow succulent for 20 dollars each.


Similar to most succulents, your rainbow succulent should be taken care of the exact same way as a less colorful succulent. Making sure your plant receives plenty of sunlight and hydrating only when the soil is completely dried out, will do just the trick.


What’s neat about this plant, is that the leaves change color according to the season! So while you may start off with green and pink, your succulent will transform colors every time the season changes.


Since this succulent has my favorite color, it’s obvious I’m ordering a few right off the bat.

It also looks like I’m going to need another window sill because the one in my bedroom is filling up quick!


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