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You Can Get Succulent Plants That Look Just Like Rocks In Your Garden And I Am Obsessed

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Who’s ready for another succulent post?

These succulents are called Lithops and they just so happen to be living succulent stones and I want them all!

Courtesy of rareplant

The plant reminds me of the tumbled stones I used to purchase and collect as a kid whenever I visited any antique store.


They’re a colorful species and I’m bummed that I just found out about them! I could have had a bounty of Lithops perched on my windowsill by now. But hey, you know what they say, better late than never.


Lithops are tiny succulents that require minimal care, so if you’re a busy bee don’t worry, the plant doesn’t require much attention.

The succulent tends to grow in shallow containers with fast-draining soil and lots of sunlight. You should only water your succulent when the soil has completely dried from the previous soaking.


When your ready to plant, sprinkle your seeds into a shallow pot, cover with sand and keep moist.

Courtesy of rareplant

When your Lithop is ready to bloom, a single daisy like flower will emerge around late fall or early winter in either white, yellow, or orange.

During the day, the flower will open early on sunny days and close later at night.

Courtesy of rareplant

The tiny creatures can be purchased from the Etsy account rareplant for a pack of 50 seeds for only $7. Each package includes a random species of Lithops and I’m already stocking up!

You can also check out rareplant’s Etsy page for more details on how to take care of your Lithops in its beginning stages.


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