These Planters Have Stairs On The Side So Insects Can Crawl Up And Down Them and They Are Genius

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While your pots on the windowsill may give your plants a home, the insects outside are feeling left out and homeless.

While we all don’t want to face the facts of small bugs crawling through the window or from the frame of the front door, the little critters inside and outside deserve a space they can also call “home sweet home”.

Courtesy of @OvergrowTheSystem 

Currently selling on Etsy is a small architectural succulent tower pot!

Courtesy of Etsy

This tower pot dresses up your plants, gives them a home while also inviting small insects to stay awhile too!

Courtesy of Etsy

The circular staircase surrounding the outside of the tower pot makes it easy for tiny insects to crawl up and down the pot!

Courtesy of Etsy

Not to mention, there’s a small body of water that collects at the bottom for insects to bath or drink from the leftover drainage when watering your house plant.

Courtesy of Etsy

The blueish and grey architectural pot even has a tiny front door that might remind you of an apartment straight out of Sicily, Italy.

Courtesy of Etsy

While your succulent or tiny house plant sits at the top of the castle, this unique tower pot gives your plant a fancy home while also treating a few small guests.

Courtesy of u/Big_Selva

In need of a plant to fill the tower pot?

You can currently get the architectural pot for nearly $23 with the choice of adding a succulent!

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