You Can Now Get Strawberry Coca-Cola In The U.S. And I Have To Try It

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Strawberry Coca Cola is a thing, and I must try it. Only, it wasn’t available in the U.S. — that is, until now!

Japan gets ALL the cool things. We are constantly hearing about things like the Mountain Dew Violet Drink, or the Sweet Potato Frappuccino — but they are always available in Japan, and not here.

In January, we heard rumors of a Strawberry Coca Cola flavor, but guess where it was available — Yup. Japan. We missed out again!


STRAWBERRIES!! This is one flavor I would gladly try. Strawberries are one of my FAVORITE fruits. To combine the taste of these sweet berries with one of my favorite drinks is a must-try combination!

BUT NOW, there is ONE place in the U.S. where you can find and try this new Strawberry flavored Coca Cola, and that is FYE — the store AND the website!


This is not the first time that FYE has brought us a special drink flavor that is only sold in Japan.

Last year, they brought us the Mountain Dew Violet drink. It was sold at FYE for a short time, and we finally had a way to taste that which we couldn’t otherwise get.


FYE has done it again with this Strawberry flavored Coca Cola, and they say it tastes exactly like you think it would. DELICIOUS!


New from Japan, the Coca-Cola Strawberry is everything you want it to be. The familiar Cola taste with a sweet Strawberry flavoring is incredibly refreshing.

FYE Website

Now, this drink ain’t cheap. It will cost you 5 bucks for ONE 500ml bottle. But, that’s a WHOLE lot less expensive than a plane ticket. FYE is the only way, other than flying to Japan, that you will be able to try this Coke flavor.


Now, if we could JUST get FYE to bring us the Sweet Potato Gold Frappuccino, we’d be set!


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