Aldi Has A Lemon Crème Breakfast Bread And Now I’m Drooling

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Oh, Aldi — Why do you tempt me so?!? Everything in moderation, AMIRITE? Either that, or YOLO!

We found this Lemon Crème Breakfast Bread right in the Aldi bread section, and I’m hoping it’s seasonal. Why? Because I could eat an entire loaf of this a DAY. I have no self control.


I am a sucker for anything lemon. Lemonade, Lemon Cake, Lemon Cookies, even Lemon in my water! This Lemon Crème Breakfast bread is right up my lemon-loving aisle — my aisle of addiction!

Now, this breakfast bread is a little bit more tough to find. I have seen an apple version in abundance, and I have also seen the blueberry flavor. This lemon, though, it just happened to smile up at me from the bread aisle on my latest Aldi adventure. I hadn’t seen it before.


What does THAT mean. If you find it, grab it!! Grab a COUPLE loaves — that’s what freezers are for!


That crumble on top. GAH!! That just MAKES this whole bread loaf. I can just eat it straight out of the bag — but I bet it would be AMAZING warmed up with a little butter on top. Or even a little bit of powder sugar icing drizzled on top.

OMG. I just drooled a little.

I am so addicted to ALL the Aldi Breads. Have you tried the Brioche Rolls, or the Bagels? I’m a carb-a-holic. But, there is a ZERO Carb bread at Aldi that is AMAZING!! I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s the truth. You HAVE to try it.


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