Dole Just Released Three New Flavors Of Lemonade And I Call Dibs On Strawberry

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Leave it to Dole to come out with, not just one, but THREE new Lemonade flavors that are simply amazing enough to replace the tediousness of homemade lemonade.

Courtesy of snackbetch on Instagram

There is a reason Dole has a treat at Disney World — the Dole Whip — made with its delicious juice. It is simply the best!

You have GOT to check out these flavors of lemonade that Dole is bringing us: Tropical Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Original Lemonade.

Can you say YUM!! It is totally like summer in a can.

These Dole Lemonades come in 2-liter bottles, 20-ounce bottles, AND 12-ounce cans — your choice.

We are going to need the BIG Ol’ BOTTLES in my house! The kids are lemonade OBSESSED.

These new Dole Lemonades are made from REAL lemon juice and REAL sugar. No corn syrup up in here! Only the BEST from Dole.

Courtesy of Pepsico

As one reviewer said, “That’s probably the closest taste to homemade lemonade you’ll get.” They aren’t even joking!

Look for these juices in the aisles of your local convenience store or grocery store. They should be in with the sodas or over by the fruit juices.

You can also ALWAYS make these into an adult beverage. Just throw in a little alcohol of your choice — they’d be SO good with some Malibu Rum!

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