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Aldi Is Selling Cinnamon Donut Sticks That Come Complete With Icing And I Need Them

There is nothing I like more than a tasty breakfast that can be made QUICK and SIMPLE.

Thank you Aldi! They always come to the rescue with just what I need, at prices that I can afford.

Look what they have in their refrigerated section. These Donut Sticks are a donut dough that you can pop right in your frying pan, and then top with the included icing.

OMG! They are so delicious, and so simple!

If you want to make these even quicker, with an easy-peasy clean up, you can pop them in your air fryer for about 4 minutes on 360 degrees. You will get a super tasty treat, great for breakfast, lunch, and beyond!!

Another fun way to make these donuts would be to put the dough in your waffle iron. Just cook it until that little “done” light comes on, and then top it with that delish icing. It will be SO good!!

Each 12.4-ounce tube costs just $1.49 at Aldi, which, if we are honest, is about the price of just one donut from a shop like Dunkin’.

And, I can almost guarantee you that these donut sticks will rival the flavor of any cinnamon donut you could get at a chain restaurant!

Want to get even more fancy?? You can top these donut sticks with sprinkles, chopped nuts, chocolate shavings, or any other tasty concoction you can think to create!

I think I’d drizzle some caramel ice cream topping on the icing to make a caramel cream donut stick!!

Or maybe I’d dip the whole thing in Fruity Pebbles for a super sweet, fruity kick!

What can YOU come up with?

Go get your Aldi donut sticks before they disappear! You will NOT regret it.

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