Vampire Donuts Are The Cutest Halloween Treat Ever

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There are few things I am more obsessed with in life than vampires.

And these super cute little Vampire donuts are so simple to make you won’t even believe it!

Here’s what you need to make Vampire Donuts

  • Chocolate Covered Donuts
  • Sprinkles (or you can just get them with sprinkles already on the donut. It’s up to you.)
  • Candy eyes (I got mine here.)
  • Vampire teeth (I got mine here.)

Here’s how to make Vampire Donuts

First you get your sprinkled donuts.

I don’t bother with making my own donuts, the donut shop is like, way better at making donuts than I will ever be.

Then you take your little vampire fangs and push them into the middle of the donut.

Easy, right? Okay now you just add the candy eyeballs.

BOOM! Now you have the cutest little vampire donuts EVER!

They are SO fun to make and your kids get to keep the teeth after!

Happy Halloween!

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