‘Granny Pods’ Are The Hot New Trend For Letting Grandma Live with You

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You can get “Granny Pods” that allow elderly family members — or any one you want, really — to live in their own high-tech space in your backyard. I definitely want this awesome addition to my own home.

When my parents were looking to purchase their forever home, it was very important to them that a “Mother-in-Law Suite” be included.

What is a “Mother-in-Law Suite” you ask?

Traditionally, it’s a way to cohabitate with elderly parents, while still giving both parties a sense of privacy, dignity, and respect.

It’s usually like a private room and bathroom area under the same roof as the main house. Both parties can live separately, but still share a kitchen and common living area.

A “Mother-in-Law Suite” is an excellent addition to a house, but it’s so 20th century!

The Hot New Trend For Private Cohabitation Is The “Granny Pod.”

If you’ve never had to go through the process of trying to decide what to do with an elderly family member, just wait. It’s complicated, hard, stressful, mentally difficult, time consuming, and often leaves you feeling guilty — no matter what you decide to do.

Full-service nursing homes — which is the first thing you will think about — are hella expensive, and often don’t make sound financial sense. Not to mention, they carry the stigma of an “Old Folks Home,” and your elderly family members might fight you on living there.

More often than not — and I speak from experience — elderly family members end up moving in with you.

They are often left feeling like a burden. It is hard on them not to have their own space.

And, it’s hard on you, too. You lose your sense of freedom. You don’t want them to think they are a burden on you, but in actuality, it kinda feels that way.

But, what if your elderly family member could have their OWN place? Something private. A space that’s all their own. BUT, it’s still on your property, so you are close by in an emergency.

Bring on “Granny Pods.”

Sometimes they are called an In-Law Cottage or an In-Law Apartment. These “Pods” are tiny homes — real homes — that are detached from your house.

They allow loved ones to stay close for safety, but give them the privacy they need. (And, the privacy YOU need!)

They are also called ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, and are designed with safety and accessibility top of mind (for example, slip-resistant floors, wide doorways, and rounded countertops).

Country Living

If you’ve ever tried to build a structure on your land, you know you have to abide by the zoning laws. They usually have rules and regulations about how many structures can be on a property, building sizes, building uses, etc.

— These small dwellings are hooked up to the main home’s existing sewer, water, and power lines.

Country Living

That might be helpful with the zoning laws — like just an addition to your home — or it could be a hindrance. You need to make sure you check with all the laws before you buy into the whole “Granny Pod” thing.

You might also want to think about homeowner association agreements. If your house is subject to homeowner association agreements, you know you have to run EVERYTHING past them before you jump in head first.

But, as long as everyone agrees that you can put a “Granny Pod” on your property, it’s all systems go!

Where Can You Purchase “Granny Pods?”

Since they have become so popular and mainstream, your choices for “Granny Pods” are pretty extensive.


You can get kits on Amazon, like this Easy Modern 1 Bedroom Tiny House that clocks in at 20 feet of privacy.


They come in a container, and are supposedly super easy to put together.


Maybe having the equivalent of a fancy suped up hospital room is more the speed you’re looking for.

There’s a company called MEDCottage that deals with that exact scenario.


Totaling $53,750, [this home] offers an independent living space designed for an older person. It also comes with monitors so they can be supervised for safety. Other handy features include an emergency cord and railings in the shower, and padded flooring.

Tiny House Town

These MedCottages can be rented or leased, and are connected to the main house.


Other Places You Might Purchase A “Granny Pod.”

A quick search online brings up several other companies that deal in “Granny Pods.”

Home Care Suites is akin to MedCottage in that it is a seperate hospital-type living space.

Our cottages are designed to focus on high quality living and comfort.  Our builder has over 30 years of experience designing high-end custom homes, bathrooms and kitchens. We know how to design and build comfortable, livable structures that are pleasing to the eye. The cottage lifestyle is cozy and convenient. We’ve made the most of our floor space so that everything you need is at your fingertips in one comfortable, compact space. The Home Care Suites cottage is designed to feel more like home than a hospital room. 

Home Care Suites

Recreational Resort Cottages & Cabins offer everything from RV-type homes, to cottages, to buildings with wrap around porches.

Seriously, I could use one of these hella cool spaces as a “home outside the home” office.

What do YOU think of the “Granny Pods?” Is it something that might be useful in your life?

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