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The Latest Teaser For ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Has Fans Freaking Out And For Good Reason

OMG! Is it FINALLY happening? After twenty years?!?

The latest teaser trailer for SVU has fans freaking out — including me — by showing Olivia Benson cradling Elliot Stabler‘s face in a pretty touching moment.

And, you have to admit — it straight up looks like she’s FINALLY going to kiss him!!

The moment — which HAS to lead to a kiss, right?!? — is in the promo for the January 26 episode of Season 24 of SVU.

Now, technically, the clip cuts away as Benson leans in towards Stabler’s face. So, she could be leaning in to whisper something in his ear.

But, the scene definitely has SVU fans up in arms.

They may just have a riot on their hands if our two favorite detectives don’t finally get together!

After 20-plus years on a slow slimmer, we ALL want to see it finally heat up.

You can catch the teaser trailer for SVU below.