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Carnival Cruise Line Is Offering Onboard Ship Credit To Those Who Don’t Cancel

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Y’all. Carnival Cruise Line is giving people up to $200 in ship credit if they keep their bookings now through May 31st!

Courtesy of Princess Cruises


Well, as you may guess, it is because of fear surrounding the coronavirus.

There have been TWO Princess Cruise ships that have had to be docked and quarantined — Like, I’m talking up to TWO WEEKS of quarantine — in the last month, due to coronavirus scares.

Of the two ships that were quarantined, the first one had SEVEN HUNDRED PEOPLE infected with the coronavirus, with SIX on those people dying.

The second ship, which is currently docked of the coast of San Francisco, has forty-five people that are currently in question of being infected, with one person dying so far. They have had tests helicoptered in, and they are waiting on results.


So, while this news is HORRIBLE, it means good news for the ones who currently have Carnival Cruises scheduled through May 31.


If the people choose NOT to cancel their trip, there are a few options.


First of all, the cruises had to be scheduled before March 6th, so you can’t just go book now, and reap the benefits. Believe me, I tried. Ha!


Those who already have cruises booked have the choice of getting up to $200 in ship credit, which can be used on things like alcohol, excursions, and purchases made onboard the ship.


If the people decide they want to forgo their cruise, they can choose to MOVE the trip to a later date (through May 31, 2021), and receive a credit for the cancellation fee.

IMHO, now is the time to go! You KNOW the cruise line is being EXTRA vigilant in screening and taking extra precautions to avoid the virus!


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  1. We have our family reunion cruise in October on the carnival magic …. we are all holding tight and praying they get a handle on ghd Corona virus