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A Prequel To ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is Coming To Disney+ And It Will Be All About Gaston And LeFou

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OMG!! Disney+, you just keep outdoing yourself, and I love it!

They are bringing a live-action Beauty and the Beast prequel SERIES to the streaming platform, and it will star Luke Evans and Josh Gad!

Courtesy of cin_palomitas on Instagram

You might remember them from the live-action Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie. Evans played the overly macho and narcissistic Gaston, and Gad played his somewhat love sick sidekick.


Gad and Evans are the only two characters from the original film that will have a part in this series. It will follow their adventure long before they come across Belle.


Also in talks to be a part of this project — and this is pretty big — is Alan Menken, the music composer who wrote all the original music from the original!


This new show is supposed to be six-episodes long, and it will, of course, be MUSICAL!


Could they have made it any other way?!?


The show is still in the very early stages, but never fear, it is all green lights and full-steam ahead for this prequel.


It will be written by Josh Gad, and the creators of the show Once Upon a Time, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.


Disney+ is also working on a sequel to Hocus Pocus, and I can NOT wait!

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