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Subway Is Giving Away Free Sandwiches For Life. Here’s How To Get Them.

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How would you like FREE Subway sandwiches for life?

One lucky person is going to win the opportunity to get a lifetime of free Subway sandwiches, but of course, there’s a catch.

How To Earn Free Subway Sandwiches For Life

The concept is actually pretty easy, it’s the follow-through that might get challenging.

Subway is looking for one person to legally change their name — to Subway.

Nope. I’m not even joking. If you want to win Subway Sandwiches for life, you are going to have to be known as “Subway.”

But, you can’t just run out to the courts, and change your name.

You have to be chosen. It’s a whole process.

Subway wants to know your Current Name, and then you have to be picked as the winner to go through the process of changing your name.

The lucky winner is going to get their court fees for the name change covered by Subway, but then they have to actually go through with the process of changing their name — and heretofore be known as “Subway.”

If you are interested in this really crazy promotion, you can go to SubwayNameChange.com, and fill out the application.

This contest-of-sorts is going to run from August 1st at 9am Eastern Time to August 4th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

That’s not much time, so mark it in your calendar with a big red circle and remember to go apply!

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