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You Can Get A Cotton Candy Flavored Soda From McDonald’s And You Have To Try It

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Oh, McDonald’s. I try to avoid you every opportunity I get, but I’m totally here for this soda.

McDonald’s is known for having the best tasting soda in town, but this little hack just makes them even better.

You can get a soda that tastes like Cotton Candy, and I just tried it. It’s ridiculously good!

Side Note: We got the idea for this hack from McDonald’s Hacks on TikTok.

This Cotton Candy soda is NOT on the McDonald’s menu, and it’s not in their drink machines that contain about a million beverages.

BUT, we are here to let you in on this Secret Menu item, and tell you how to order it.

How To Order A Cotton Candy Soda From McDonald’s

Now, how you order this beverage is going to depend completely on your McDonald’s.

You need just two ingredients: Sprite and French Vanilla Syrup.


We all know that every single McDonald’s has Sprite, but the hiccup is going to come with that French Vanilla Syrup.

Some McDonald’s have the bottle of French Vanilla Syrup out in the open, and you can flavor your coffee — or in this case Sprite — to your heart’s content.

Just throw about 2 to 3 pumps into your Sprite, and Voila!! Taste that bad boy and adjust the flavor as needed.

MOST McDonald’s are going to have to help you out, but they shouldn’t have any trouble giving you what you need to make this Cotton Candy Soda.

You’re going to go to the register and order a Sprite — you pick the size.

Ask them to put 2 to 3 pumps of French Vanilla Syrup into your cup.

They should hand you a cup with the syrup in it, and you can go on over to the drink machine to finish building this beverage.

Add your ice. Add your sprite. Swirl it up — or use a straw and stir it.

Now taste it. I can’t explain it, but it tastes like Cotton Candy!

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