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Oreos With Red Creme Are Back For The Holidays And My Life Is Now Complete

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Yes, I know… we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet, BUT it’s never to early to get into the Christmas spirit! Oreo is ready!

One of the best holiday items to hit the shelves so far are the Christmas Oreo Cookies! Yes, Oreo is always coming out with new flavors, but for those of us that prefer the traditional flavor, this is for us!

These Oreo’s may look different, but the only thing that has changed is the appearance. Instead of the white creme, these are filled with a red creme.

The cookies also have 5 different designs on them, including a snowman and snowflake as shown on the packaging!


These are a limited release just for the holidays! I love the classics, so this is one I will definitely buy. But, if you like to change it up with flavors, you can always check out the limited edition holiday flavors they have available.

Always remember, food makes great gifts. Cookies make even better gifts and I don’t even care if they are store bought or homemade, I’ll accept all of them!

They’re already available in stores, so the time to stock up is now! I know for sure that both Target and Walmart stores are carrying them for less than $4 per package.


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