CVS Is Now Offering Free Home Delivery For Prescriptions

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During this time, it can be especially difficult to stay in doors, but the matter of the fact, is that we all know we must do so to contain this virus and stay healthy!

Although quarantining isn’t the most fun, there have been an abundance of companies that have made staying inside a little bit easier for the population. For example, free delivery, in home workout videos, live video chatting etc.

Well most recently, CVS has now jumped on the bandwagon with companies that are offering delivery specials!

Currently, CVS is now offering free home delivery for all prescriptions up until May 1st. Usual delivery fees as of now will be expunged.

“Being committed to the welfare of those we serve means being responsive to evolving needs and acting swiftly. This is particularly true in times of uncertainty. The latest steps we’re taking will help ensure patients of all ages have every option available to them when it comes to filling prescriptions, said Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of CVS Health, Troyen Brennan.”

You can head to CVS Pharmacy’s website to fill your prescription today, or use the CVS app to conveniently request your prescription orders!

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