Here’s 7 Things Nobody Is Buying That You Can Get For Your Food Storage Now

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By now everyone is aware of the stores and how bare the shelves are.

Other than staple food items, toilet paper and hand sanitizer have become hot commodities.

But some items are still fully stocked up and available for your home! So, if you find yourself in a bind with trying to find food, these ideas might help.

1. Lunch Meat and Lunchables

With school and most workplaces being closed, Lunchables and lunch meat products are still fully stocked in grocery stores. These would be some great and quick options for your family if you get a little too preoccupied to cook…or if you’re just tired of your kids asking for snacks every two seconds.

2. Homemade Pizza Supplies

While frozen pizzas are flying off the shelves, all the ingredients to make your own at home are not. There is plenty of pizza sauce, shredded cheese, dough, pepperoni, and most toppings you would need to make your favorite type of pizza at home!

3. Cashews

Although peanuts and almonds are flying off the shelves, in a surprise turn of events, cashews aren’t. They have a long shelf life, are high in protein, good fatty acids, and copper. I’m not sure why they aren’t flying off the shelves but I’m about to get me some!

4. Sparkling Water and Electrolyte Water

Cheap water bottles are flying off the shelves so fast, most stores have created a limit for purchases. But the more expensive sparkling waters and electrolyte waters aren’t. Yes, they cost a bit more, but it’s better than nothing and I personally prefer electrolyte water!

5. Frozen Fruit

Canned fruit and vegetables are flying off the shelves, as well as frozen vegetables. But the one thing that isn’t…frozen fruits. These are amazing as thawed out snacks or even for smoothies!

Fresh produce expires so quickly so if you are looking for a way to stock up on your fruits, given the frozen options a try!

6. Chips and Crackers

I won’t lie, I’m shocked to see that chips and crackers are still fully stocked at my local stores. I thought for sure, these would be among the first items to go because they have a decent shelf life and they are easy to snack on.

We know that grocery shopping right now may be a little intimidating. A lot of stores are running out of items quickly, so we hope this list will help you in preparing to stock up during this time of social distancing.

Stay safe out there!

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