Experts Are Saying To Shave Facial Hair To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

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The coronavirus is becoming a serious problem, inside and outside of China. It has affected about 81,000 people worldwide, and is expected to further spread.

There is group of people that is about to become seriously affected by this virus. I’m talking about the hipster — and anyone else with a furry beard.

One of the preventative measures the CDC is recommending are masks. In VERY close proximity — like work — a respirator may be used. Ugh, I know!

But, according to The CDC’s infographic, in order for a respirator to work effectively, facial hair must not come in contact with the facial seal on the mask.

Courtesy of the CDC

That means, bye bye beards. I know, I’m sad too.

But, that facial hair could cause the seal on the respirator to not properly seal to the face. That means wearing it is pretty pointless.

I mean, you can always wear a mask as a preventative measure, but if you are in CLOSE proximity — like within 6 feet of a person — respirators are really the most safe to use.

Better safe than beautiful, amirite?!?

I don’t know that we are at respirator wearing status here in the U.S., but it could happen in the near future.

As of Tuesday, there were more cases of the coronavirus outside of China, than inside. That means the virus has effectively spread outside of its country of origination.

So, it might be time to turn that glorious beard into a mustache.

To learn more on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus, you can check out our blog.

You should also check out the CDC website for the latest information on the coronavirus.

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