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Disney’s Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks With People On Board

Y’all. I have been to Disney World about fifty-eleven times, and nothing this momentous has ever happened to me!

Courtesy of momento.magico on Instagram

The Exotic Jungle Cruise Expedition (The Jungle Cruise) had a little sinking mishap yesterday, and I’m a little jealous!

So, about 12:30 in the afternoon, Bomokandi Bertha — the name of the boat — began taking on water. Nobody knows what caused the waterlog on the ship. Maybe it was an angry hippo.

I joke. Besides maybe a duck or two, all the animals on the ride are — SPOILER ALERT — fake. Most are animatronic animals, designed to make the magic fun for all.

Lest you worry, nobody was hurt in the sinking of the Jungle Cruise boat. It wasn’t exactly Titanic. LOL! People got a little — Okay, maybe a lot — wet, and they have an EXCELLENT story to tell, but that’s about it.

Luckily for all the involved, the Jungle Cruise ride is actually pretty shallow. By the time to boat had completely sunk, it was at about waist level — enough to pull all the people to safety!

The ride was down for about two hours, because of the sinking, and the boat had to eventually be towed to safer waters.

People have been quick to come up with funny memes about the adventure in decline, and I have to admit, I’m highly enjoying them all. Ha!

Haha! I’m straight up dying. This is hilarious.

I mean, it’s not so funny for the people involved, but I BET you they got quite a collection of Fast Passes out of the ordeal — and a story that is awesome AF!

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