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A Lindt Factory Malfunction Caused It To ‘Snow Chocolate’ All Over A Town and I Wish I Was There

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It’s raining… chocolate?

This story totally sounds like something that would happen in a Willy Wonka movie! Could you imagine going outside and seeing chocolate snow? Yes, snow in the form of chocolate, falling from the sky…

Well, that is just what happened in one Swiss town!

It was actually snowing fine cocoa powder particles! I think those are some snowflakes that I would love to dance in and catch on my tongue! It’s such a wild story and I want to be in it!


What happened was a ventilation system at the Lindt & Spruengli company chocolate factory malfunctioned. There was a defect in the cooling ventilation system that was being used for roasted “cocoa nibs”.

The factory is located in a town called Olten in Switzerland. It’s located between Zurich and Basel.

There were strong winds that carried the chocolate powder through the air and coated everything near the factory in a sprinkling of cocoa dust!

Don’t worry, the chocolate production was able to continue normally and the “chocolate cocoa snow” is completely harmless! This is one odd “disaster” that I may have paid to endure!

I think this is one of the best stories of 2020 so far! When it comes to an odd year, this is the one… but interesting things like this make it not all bad right?

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