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‘Rush Hour 4’ Is Officially In The Works and It’s One Sequel I’m Actually Looking Forward To

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Rush Hour 4 is in the works, and this is one sequel that I’m actually looking forward to!!

There are so many times that sequels are a total let down, but you can’t really do a Rush Hour sequel wrong.

New Line Cinema

Famous last words, right? LOL!

But, the martial arts action of Jackie Chan and hilarious comedy of Chris Tucker in the first three installments of Rush Hour really can’t be beat.

New Line Cinema

Jackie Chan recently made a rare public appearance at the Red Sea Film Festival, and confirmed that they are in talks about Rush Hour 4.

We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now.

Jackie Chan

Back in 2018, Chris Tucker said that Rush Hour 4 was definitely in the cards. But, it just never came to fruition — until now.

It’s happening. — This is gonna be the rush of all rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.

Chris Tucker

Now, there is a little bit of a hiccup when it comes to bringing everyone back together for the fourth film in the series.

The OG director of the first three Rush Hour movies, Brett Ratner, is definitely a no-go for the sequel.

In 2017, seven women came forward and accused Mr. Ratner of sexual misconduct and harassment.

That little incident caused Warner Bros. to sever all ties with the director, including getting canned from being a part of the Wonder Woman franchise.

But, apparently not having Brett Ratner attached to Rush Hour 4 is not a deal breaker for the studio.

You know we will let you know as soon as we hear anymore information on Rush Hour 4.

Stay tuned!!

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