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‘Emotional Escape Rooms’ Are The Hot New Trend. Here’s Why You Need One.

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Sometimes I just want to be completely alone, but I don’t want to leave.

I’ve daydreamed about my future home, on acres and acres of land, with a tiny building like a cabin built just for me.

A space with a day bed, a desk, a coffee maker, music, books, and things that pertain to the hobbies that I love.

That’s still a bit off into the future for me, but apparently, I’m not alone in wanting that space for myself.

What Are ‘Emotional Escape Rooms’?

Well, an ‘Emotional Escape Room’ is pretty much what I described my little dream building as, but instead, you turn a spare room in your home into the space.

It has actually become a home trend this year and I wish I had a spare room!

Sure, I could go lay on my bed… but then I would just end up taking a nap or something.

In an ‘Emotional Escape Room’ you can have it set up with things that you enjoy, you know… things that make you happy when you are feeling down.

People are actually buying homes with these special rooms in mind.

If you have a huge walk-in closet you could totally even turn that into an ‘Emotional Escape Room’ by emptying out the clothes, adding a comfy seating area, and other things you love.

Why Are They Called ‘Emotional Escape Rooms’?

Well, I guess because that is what Pinterest decided to label it.

Emotions, so hot right now. If you need a place to go to feel all the feels, there’s a room for that. People will plan their great (indoor) escapes and designate rooms in their homes to decompress, vibe and rage. All age groups are driving searches for music-themed rooms, crystal rooms and even rage rooms (!).


In fact, going by their search data, most people are looking for a home massage room and I could TOTALLY be down for that!

Next on the list was a rage room and I could also find that quite useful to get all of those feelings out that tend to build up inside, maybe smash some stuff!

Tiny library rooms, crystal rooms, and music-themed rooms are also being searched to use for emotional escape.

What Would Your ‘Emotional Escape Room’ Look Like?

My room would have to be eclectic, there is not one SINGLE thing that I would choose… it would have to be a collection of things that make me happy.

Tell me what your perfect ‘Emotional Escape Room’ would include in the comments.

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