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Here’s The Entire List of New Disney Movies Releasing In 2020

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Those who know me AT ALL, know that I am slightly obsessed with anything and everything Disney related. We, OBVIOUSLY, have Disney+ at home, and have watched little else since it came out on November 12.

I was STUPID HAPPY when I found out that the Disney company (It is the parent company of about eleventy billion* other companies, including ABC, Marvel, Pixar, and 21st Century Fox) is bringing over TWENTY movies to the big screen in 2020. Thank you, Mickey. You know I will be seeing them ALL**!


Starting off this sweet barrage of movies is going to be Underwater, on January 10th. It is a thriller about an underwater crew that experiences an earthquake that devastates their laboratory seven miles below the surface of the water.

Courtesy of Disney


On February 21, just in time for my birthday, we are going to get The Call of the Wild. It stars Harrison Ford — who happens to be my celebrity crush — Happy Birthday To Me! It is based on the legendary book of the same name, by Jack London.

Courtesy of Disney

February 28th is going to bring us Wendy, the story of one girl trying to save her family from the big enemy — Growing Up. It is the classic Peter Pan story — just told a bit differently.

Courtesy of Disney


On March 6th, we will get the much anticipated (at least in the Pixar realm) Onward. It is the story of two elf brothers, who are trying to prove whether magic still exists.

Courtesy of Disney

March 27th, brings us the Live-Action version of Disney’s Mulan. This is one of those films that my kids are not-so-patiently awaiting. They are crazy excited about this release, as they LOVE the original.

Courtesy of Disney


The latest in the X-Men saga is coming out on April 3rd. If I were cool enough, I’d be anticipating the hell out of this movie. It’s about five young mutants who are being held against their will. They are about to discover they have stupid-amazing mutant abilities.

Courtesy of Disney

On April 20th, we will get Antlers. This is one movie I might have to sit out. I don’t like scary movies AT ALL, and this one looks a bit frightening. It is a horror film based in small-town Oregon, and involves a bloody secret. You’ll have to let me know what happens.

Courtesy of Disney


May 1st is bringing us the massively anticipated film, Black Widow. It is another installment in the Marvel Universe, and follows Natasha Romanoff, who is — spoiler alert — Black Widow.

Courtesy of Disney

On May 8th, we get a film that my husband is really looking forward to — because he is a giant magic buff — The Personal History Of David Copperfield. It is, obviously, the story of magic’s David Copperfield. Its tagline is: “From Rags To Riches, And Back Again.”

Courtesy of Disney

We are getting a modern remake of the Hitchcock film Rear Window on May 15. The Woman In The Window follows an agoraphobic psychologist who witnesses a heinous act of violence while looking out her window.

Courtesy of Disney

May 29th, Disney is bringing us Artemis Fowl. It is a science fiction fantasy film based on the novel by Eoin Colfer of the same name. It involve criminal masterminds and fairies — enough said.

Courtesy of Disney


The HIGHLY anticipated SOUL comes to theaters on June 19. It follows a Jazz musician (Jamie Foxx, y’all!) who falls down a manhole, and — well — dies. He then tries to find his way back to the living world with the help of — soon to be the new favorite character of kids everywhere — ’22,’ who is an infant soul. Just take my money now, Disney!



July 3, we are getting Free Guy, and it looks hilarious! First of all, it stars Ryan Reynolds — *Swoon*. He stars as a bank teller who realizes he is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in a video game. The tagline for the movie is: “The World Needed A Hero — They Got A Guy.” This will be a definite MUST WATCH!

Courtesy of Disney

Jungle Cruise is hitting theaters July 24. I LOVE the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World, and this is a film based on the quirky ride. I’ll even forgive that the movie stars Dwayne Johnson. I’m HOPING this will be as fun as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise films!

Courtesy of Disney


The Empty Man, coming out on August 7, is another one that I may skip. It’s about an ex-cop that is hot on the trail of a missing girl. He soon learns about a secret group that is trying to summon a terrifying intenty. That is a NOPE for me. I’ll pass. Let me know if it’s good.


August 14 bring us The One And Only Ivan, based on the children’s book by the same name. It is about a gorilla, who teams up with an elephant to try and discover information about his past.



The third story in The Kingsman trilogy will come out on September 18. One man is trying to stop some of the worst, most evil people in history. It culminates with The King’s Man film in September.

Courtesy of Disney


If Death On The Nile sounds familiar, that’s because it is based on an Agatha Christie novel of the same name. On October 9th, we will get to follow Hercule Poirot as he solves the mystery of the death of a young heiress as she cruises on the Nile.


October 23 brings us the film adaptation of a musical called Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. It follows a young lad from England, who dreams of being a drag queen. He must overcome obstacles and prejudices to fulfil his destiny.



November 6th brings us the 25th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. It stars Angelina Jolie, and follows a race of people known as the Eternals. Comic book fans Unite!

Courtesy of Disney

Deep Water is hitting theaters November 13. Hold on to your seat, because this is bound to be intense. Ben Affleck plays a husband who becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife’s lovers.


November 25 bring with it Raya And The Last Dragon. This will be an animated film that follows Raya, a warrior of the ancient civilization of Lumandra, who goes on a quest to find the last dragon.

Courtesy of Disney


Have you seen Westside Story, the musical from 1957? This is a remake by the same name. It is about two street gangs, from different ethnic backgrounds, and the two teenagers whose love gets in the middle of this war between gangs.


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are teaming up again. I couldn’t be more excited about this film, set to be released on December 25 of 2020. The Last Duel is a period piece about two friends who are dealing with betrayal in the 14th century. It is told from the viewpoints of three different people.


It is going to be a wild ride in the theaters 2020. I am excited, and uber prepared for some GREAT Disney Franchise movie watching. Which one are you looking forward to?

*Okay. Not quite eleveny billion, but close. *smile*
**Count me OUT of the horror releases!

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