Mattel Just Released A New Ken Doll In His ‘Mojo Dojo Casa House’ Attire and I Need Him

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Hey, Ken!

Get ready to move over Barbie because Mattel is releasing yet another toy doll from the hit film Barbie.

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Rather than Barbie dressed in pink, the toy company most recently made an announcement that they are dropping another version of Ken!

Inspired from the film, Mattel has turned another one of Ken’s iconic looks from the movie into a real toy doll you can buy.

Courtesy of Mattel

Enter, the Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken doll.

The doll which you may recognize from the movie played by Ryan Gosling features an entirely new look with several accessories.

Courtesy of Amazon

Although if you have yet to watch the film theatres, my only question is why haven’t you yet?

The doll, comes dressed in a white faux fur coat with a black fringed vest underneath, joggers, and white sneakers.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently snag the new Ken doll online at Amazon; however you’ll have to wait a little while longer to add Ken to your cart because unsurprisingly, the doll has already sold out.

The good news though is that according to Collider, Amazon should have more of the new Ken dolls in stock soon!

Courtesy of Amazon

So continue to keep your eyes peeled on Amazon’s website if you’re planning to buy this doll as a Christmas present for a family member.

Courtesy of Amazon

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