Here’s How You Can Use Epsom Salt To Make Your Homegrown Tomatoes Sweeter

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Nothing beats growing your own vegetables in the backyard for a sweet summertime salad or to mix up a fresh bowl of bruschetta.

Summer is for growing your vegetables and eating them too, but you may have asked yourself, how can I make my vegetables sweeter after biting into a semi-bitter tomato?

The answer, may be simpler than what you originally have thought and you might even have it stocked already in your bathroom pantry shelves.

So How Can You Make Your Homegrown Tomatoes Sweeter?

Epsom salt is the key for a sweeter tasting tomato and thanks to The Seed Guy on Facebook, we now know how to make the fire hydrant red fruit sweeter than a cupcake.

Courtesy of The Seed Guy

According to the social media user, tomatoes should be sprinkled with Epsom salt twice as much versus your other plants; water the tomato vines with a spray bottle that contains dissolved Epsom salt to make that first bite sweet.

Your mixture should include 2 tablespoons for every gallon of water, every 2 weeks, says the Seed Guy.

So while your tomatoes taste sweeter than ever before, keep in mind that tomatoes aren’t the only foods and flowers in your garden that can benefit from Epsom like peppers!

Here’s to happier tomatoes that taste sweeter than grandma’s homemade chocolate baked cookies, just don’t tell her we said so!

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