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You Can Get A Zodiac Candle With Surprise Crystals Inside And I Need One Now

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Whether you are a believer or not, zodiac signs are an amazing topic. You can learn a lot about yourself once you start researching them!

I am an Aries, and from everything I’ve read, it’s pretty much spot on. SO when I found these Zodiac Candles, specified for each sign, I was SOLD.


Not only can you get a specialized candle that fits your zodiac sign in colors and scents, but there is a collection of crystals, runes, and tokens inside of each candle, matching your sign. I mean, I’ve had a surprise candle with a ring inside before, but NOTHING like this!!!


If you’re still not sold on whether these are amazing or not, they sell out literally EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

They add new candles each week and sell out within hours. They’ve even had to create a schedule to keep the supply and demand going!


I’m not going to lie, I HAVE to have one. Like, have to. My heart is yearning for one. It’s going at the top of my Christmas list this year. I love candles and I love surprised, and this just has such an authentic feel to it that personalizes to me. I’m in love.


According to their site:

Pyramids & Stars. They go together more than one might think. Across the World, ancient civilization made giant pyramid structures  that aligned with the cosmos.
An accident? We think not.
The pyramid is a natural energy generator, and each Zodiac Candle is crafted 
for the sign and elemental basis of it’s constellation.


On each candle page, it will explain your sign, famous people who share it with you, the scents chosen for your sign and why, and so much more. Even if you can’t afford to buy one yet (or they’re sold out again), just visiting their page is an experience in itself!


These candles are about $40 and restock each week. You can find these candles and all the information about the zodiac signs at Soul-Terra.

Happy shopping, and if you get one, let us know!


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