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Spirit Halloween Celebrates Halfway to Halloween With Scary Cool Animatronics

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I didn’t even realize we are already halfway to the Halloween season… yes… Halloween is a season and you can’t change my mind.

Spirit Halloween always has some amazingly creepy goodies for Halloween and this year is getting off to a great start.

Before I get to the new animatronics, I have some other things I need to show you.

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

Can we just admire how awesome this Atomic Ray Gun is? Any fan of Mars Attacks would love to have this on display all year long.

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

The Mars Attacks Atomic Ray Gun has functioning fog, intergalactic lights, sound and even comes with a black light activated collectible poster!

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

Next up is the Nightmare Harvester! This fan-favorite collectible is just 6 inches tall and perfect for display anywhere in the house.

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

Now let’s get into the animatronics… I love animatronics!

So many people are terrified of clowns so of course they need to be added to all spooky yards right?

The Clowning Around Animatronic is perfection at the creepiest level!

This dude is 7 feet tall and can turn side to side at the waist and head. He also has a moving mouth and can talk!

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

The last one is the Rick Ratman Animatronic. This is a rat-infested zombie that is 6 feet 3 inches tall and is what nightmares are made of! He can move side to side and has awesome sound effects.

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

Here is where you can find and buy all of the amazing items I told you about above!

Image credit: Spirit Halloween

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